Fetching the car

October 30, 2009

The beginning of the project. Today the car was fetched from the seller, and transported to the place where I will be fixing the car. The car had been sitting in a garage for almost a year, but everything still went well. The brakes weren’t stuck and the battery wasn’t completely empty. We didn’t even bother trying to start car, as we knew the car wouldn’t move on it’s own power. Apparently the transmission rear oil seal leaks at the same rate that you pour new fluid in, so there was no point in making a mess.

The car may start moving again once the seal has been replaced and the transmission is refilled, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m prepared to change the transmission if necessary and already have one used transmission scoped out. I may end up buying it anyway, since winter is coming and I won’t be working on the car (outside) until spring. If I don’t need the transmission I can always resell it, or swap it in any case. Now that the car is home, next up is an up-close investigation of what needs to be done with the car. I will also take pictures of the car.


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