A few parts acquired

November 19, 2009

Got a few parts and did a little work today. First of all, the Bentley repair manual I ordered from Amazon.com arrived. I also bought the transmission rear oil seal from the dealer. A friend of mine had a few used E32 parts for me, the left front fog light and a pair of boot shocks (thank you Mikko!). I went on a shopping spree on ebay and bought new headlights for both sides. I actually only needed them for one side, but they were so cheap I decided to buy both because the lights can never be too good. Also it would look a bit silly with faded old lights on one side, and new on the other side. I also found this great E32-guy on ebay, who has lots of cheap used parts for sale. I bought the missing original air filters and lower b-pillar interior trims from him, and I’m sure I’ll be buying stuff from him again. The new seats don’t look too bad, even tho they are much darker than the rest of the interior. The difference is even greater in the pictures because of the flash. Maybe I’ll get leather seats at some point, but I dunno… I sorta like cloth better. Especially on older cars the leather tends to squeak and rattle and it shows it’s age worse than cloth.

Hadn’t planned on doing any work today, and didn’t actually do too much. I was just trying to make some storage space by changing the rear seats. The old seats, still fitted in the car upon purchase, were E34 seats. Apparently some previous owner has sold the original leather interior at some point and fitted a E34 cloth interior instead. However the last owner had gotten a black E32 velour interior as a replacement and had changed the front seats. The back seats weren’t installed and were taking up a lot of storage space in the car. I removed the E32 rear seat and swapped in the new one. Now I can store some of my parts inside the car for the winter. The rear seat swap didn’t take long but I discovered a few missing pieces I’ll have to hunt down on ebay: the plastic covers around the seat belt buckles and the spools.

I also found out that the carpet is ruined under one of the rear rubber mats. Apparently some fluid has spilled there and has eaten away the carpet. Luckily it’s under the rubber mat, I just hope it hasn’t corroded the floor underneath. Will have to check that at some point.

Parts acquired

B-pillar trims need to be replaced

E34 seats are too narrow

New darker seats

Out with the old…

…in with the new

Whoa! What died here?


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