Future plans

January 21, 2010

Well, winter is here. It’s been around -10 to -20 degrees celsius, so obviously I haven’t done anything to the car. I’ve really been looking forward to working on it in the spring and have even considered getting another garage so I could work on it in the winter. But now I’ve decided that I can’t just sit around waiting all winter long. I’ve decided to pull the engine during my winter vacation, then I can work on the engine in the garage all winter long and have it nice and shining by spring. There are all those nasty oil and hydraulic leaks to fix anyway, what better way to fix them than removing the engine (in fact the only way to fix some of the leaks, like the upper oil pan gasket). Now I have about a week to acquire tools for the job. I’ve never pulled an engine before, so this will be exciting. I will be recruiting some help to speed things up (don’t wanna freeze outside all week long). The list of things to get include an engine hoist, engine stand, a whole lot of penetrating fluid etc… Snapped a pic of some acquired parts a month ago, but didn’t feel like uploading just one pic. New headlights, air filter boxes and b-pillar trims.

A few more parts


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