New interior (again)

January 27, 2010

Just when I thought I had at least gotten one part of the car done, the interior swap, I find a nice black leather interior from a guy parting his 750. A black leather interior might be a bit boring, but the car will be easier to sell with this one, and it does look better than the current light/dark gray cloth mix. I also bought a new dashboard, because the old grey one would’ve looked out of place (I only noticed after the purchase, that the upper part of my dash is already black. Well at least I got the black lower half as well now.). The guy also had a exhaust muffler in good shape, which I also bought. The old muffler is probably from a 735, since the tips are round (the 750i is supposed to have square tips), also it was hanging badly, so I suspect it’s not in the greatest shape. A new muffler runs about $700, so obviously I wasn’t going to buy it new. Good thing I found this one. The leather seats look pretty tired in the pictures because I had to use the flash while shooting. Still, a bit of leather restoration wouldn’t hurt… Will have to ask around for a good quote on restoration, or just buy some dye and do it myself. Of course now the gray B-pillar trims I bought earlier are of no use to me, so those are for sale if someone’s interested.

My E32-interior room 🙂

Drivers seat, not too bad for the price

Black dashboard

Centre console in leather

More updates on the way shortly, will be pulling the engine on the weekend and beginning of next week.


2 Responses to “New interior (again)”

  1. Arttu Föhr Says:

    What are you gonna do/have done with the old grey interior? I could use a drivers seat!

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