Engine removal, day 1

January 30, 2010

Engine removal project started. Started taking the car apart, and after four slow hours of work I had taken apart the front end. By that time the sun was going down, so I decided to call it quits. No huge problems so far, just unbolting a lot of stuff (no seams to grind up and reweld, like some people said there would be). Broke a fair amount of clips and plastics, because of the cold weather. Nothing too expensive tho (I hope). The AC condenser seemed to be shot (crumbled away in my hands) and the electric fan had seized, not sure if I will be fixing it yet. Tomorrow I will be trying to get the exhaust off (expecting it to put up quite a fight) and maybe removing the driveshaft. If everything goes as planned (prolly not) the engine should be out by wednesday. Gotta wake up earlier tomorrow to use all that sunlight.

Also bought another E32, this one is pristine, just something to look at and admire. It’s a dark red 730i from ’87.

My new 730i

Nice M30B30

Interior details



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