Engine removal, day 3

February 1, 2010

Today went a bit better than yesterday, but still not good enough. Got a new jack in the morning so now I have the car at a good height so I can work underneath it.

The exhaust is still giving me trouble. I was gonna try giving the nuts heat, but the stupid gas heater was DOA. Only managed to get one nut off today, again. Also broke another stud, so that’s one third done/broken off now. But then I noticed that all the nuts on the other front pipe were rounded and badly stuck. Explains why some previous owner had cut off the exhaust and rewelded it. So I guess I’ll be cutting off the rest of the studs. That’s gonna be a painfully slow process so unless a miracle happens I probably won’t be getting the engine out this week. Bad picture of the nuts below (hard taking focused pics with a DSLR on free hand).

Annoyed by the exhaust nuts I switched to other stuff. Got the exhaust middle section and rear muffler off the car. The middle section isn’t looking too great, will keep an eye open for a good used one. After that I decided to follow the Bentley manual and removed the oil filter canister, alternator and ac-compressor. I spent three cans of brake cleaner getting goo off the parts, so a parts washer would be nice (or else I’m gonna need A LOT of brake cleaner). Broke a bolt in the ac-compressor trying to remove the magnetic coupling (just to clean the compressor), will have to get that drilled. I guess that’s about it. Will be grinding and sawing a lot tomorrow.

Rear exhaust came off

Oily mess under chain tensioner

Dirty parts

Cleaned ac-compressor

Cleaned alternator

Cleaned oil filter cannister


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