Engine removal, day 4

February 2, 2010

I guess that miracle happened, finally got that exhaust off. Maybe it was the three consecutive days of soaking with penetrating fluid, or maybe I just perfected my technique of snapping of bolts, but I finally got it off. Snapped many more bolts (will have to drill the studs off and use bolts when reinstalling) and got the rest of the nuts off. Even after that the flanges were stuck hard. I thought those dents in the exhaust were from the car hitting rocks or something, but now I know it was probably the previous owner hitting the exhaust with a hammer to get it off, only to then proceed and cut it off. With a large breaker bar and a mallet I finally got the exhaust down. Those pipes are pretty badly banged up, wonder if that’s gonna affect performance…


Four broken studs on the right side.

Only three on the left one.

Dent on the right side.

Left one is badly dented.

After struggling with the exhaust I moved over to the next problem, the driveshaft. The bolts at the transmission flange won’t come off easily. The place looks like you could almost fit a socket and a ratchet, but there’s just not enough space. Only thing that will fit on the bolts is a spanner, and I can’t get enough force with it. Soaked the bolts in penetrating fluid, will have to think of some extension to use with the spanner (metal pipe or something). Huge play on the driveshaft joints, will have to get that off to some specialist to renew the joints. No wonder the car used to shake.

It’s not entirely impossible to still get the engine out tomorrow. I just have to get the driveshaft off and lot’s of small things (heater hoses, electrical connectors etc. Then just open the motor mounts and pull the engine. Getting the engine inside the garage is another story. Gotta pull ~300kg of engine and transmission in a hoist on the snow for several meters, and then get it over a high doorstep. Maybe I can use the motorcycle in the garage to pull all that inside. I guess it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow. After tomorrow the next time I can work on the car is next week, so I’d like to get the engine inside the garage.


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