Engine removal, day 5

February 3, 2010

I started the day by removing the driveshaft bolts. The penetrating fluid did it’s job once again and they came off really easy. After that I removed the exhaust front pipes from the manifolds. Then it was just a matter of disconnecting coolant, fuel and oil hoses and removing wiring harnesses. Finally the engine was ready to come out.

Another problem I had was getting the engine inside the garage. I thought about making skis for the engine hoist, making a sled for the engine to sit on etc., but finally I just dug all that snow and ice out to make a path to the garage. Easy solution but it took quite a few hours.

In the evening my friend Mikko (thanks again!) came to help me with removing the engine, as that is something I thought I’d need help with. Things went quite smoothly, although we had to separate the engine and gearbox at one stage, because the gearbox was putting the combination off balance. A few hours later the engine was inside the garage. I’m really pleased with myself, I undertook this project to prove to myself that I can do it (I’ve many times let someone else do a repair because I thought I couldn’t handle it) and I managed to do most of it myself.

It’s almost out.

Engine detached from..

..the transmission.

The next time I’m gonna be putting the engine in the engine stand and just organizing parts after these 5 days of making a mess.


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