Intake manifold, valve covers off

February 21, 2010

No sign of that snowstorm, so I got a bit of work done on the engine. First I took the intake manifold off. Some of the bolts were a bit tricky, but with enough extensions and a magnet to guide the sockets on to the bolts I got them all off. Refitting is gonna be harder.

Removing intake manifold nuts.

Most of the oil seems to be leaking from the intake manifold gaskets, which is bad news as they cost 4x $200. I think I’m gonna remove them, inspect them carefully and if they’re not completely hopeless just reuse them with a lot of gasket sealant.

Intake manifold gaskets.

Oily mess.

I also took the valve covers off. The camshaft lobes didn’t have any grooves in them, but they aren’t evenly shiny. I’m not sure if that’s acceptable or bad? Maybe someone can give me confirmation on this. However, quite worryingly I found a piece of metal wire crumpled up in one corner of the valvetrain. I couldn’t figure out what it was for, and why someone would leave it in there? Weird..

Metal wire. WTF?

Camshaft condition.

Another engine shot.

Finally I took the alternator/hydraulic pump mount off the engine. Someone had broken off one of the alternator mounting bolts, will have to take the mount somewhere to get the bolt drilled out. That’s about all I had time for.

Yours truly mucking about.

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