Yet more cleaning

April 4, 2010

Today I got another chance to work on the car, but not as long as I would’ve liked as I ran out of brake cleaner and clean wipes. I brought many toothbrushes, but I only used up two of them.

I started by attacking the heads around the intake ports with a toothbrush. After a bit of cleaning I had them looking quite good. After that I was gonna move to the front of the engine. To get access to all the dirty areas I need to remove the waterpump and to remove that I need to get the crank vibration damper off. I removed all the small bolts and tried pulling it, prying it, whacking it with a hammer but it would just not move. I’m afraid of heating it, as it would damage the rubber part of the damper. Any ideas?

Dirty head.

Clean head!

Annoyed by this I moved to cleaning the cylinder heads on the other side. I got the whole right side of the engine cleaned and a bit of the left side before I ran out of brake cleaner. It’s not clean enough to eat from, but a lot better than before. Once I get most of the goo off I’ll go over the engine once more and either leave it as it is or paint the engine silver. The valve covers are in place just to protect the valvetrain from dirt. They will be media blasted and painted before installation. I will also paint the intake manifolds.

After a lot of toothbrush action.

But then I ran out of cleaner.

I’m still satisfied with what I achieved, although I ran out of supplies. It shouldn’t take many more cleaning sessions anymore, which is good because then I can clean the garage. Now the floor is very dirty and slippery and I can’t move the motorcycle because of it.

I’m pleased with the result!

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