Putting it back together

February 6, 2011

Finally began reassembling the engine today. It’s fun to be putting stuff back on the engine for a change. I had help from Kari, thank you for that. We started by cleaning a few more bits. Then we installed the oil pump, noticed that we forgot a few seals, took it off again and reinstalled with the proper o-rings. Then we installed both the upper and lower oil pans and finally turned the engine the right way up. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it took a while with all the cleaning. I had planned to paint the lower oil pan, but why bother… It won’t be visible anyhow.

Me looking for debris that might’ve fallen into the engine.

Oil pump installed and upper oil pan ready to go on.

Engine the right way up.

Next time I think I’ll open the alternator and take a look inside, as the previous owner told me that the car had some charging problems although the voltage regulator had been replaced. I should also give the transmission some attention. Oh, and I have to get the valve covers blasted and painted. I ordered some more parts after last time, only to discover that I already had bought them a year ago. Good thing they weren’t expensive.


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